Port Agency

As a port agency, Seven Seas Logistics Company provides comprehensive services to support vessels and shipowners in their port operations. Our port agency services include a wide range of activities to ensure smooth and efficient port calls, seamless logistics, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Key aspects of our port agency services are

Vessel Clearances

We handle all necessary clearances and documentation procedures for vessels entering or leaving the port. This includes coordinating with relevant authorities, such as port authorities, customs, immigration, and maritime authorities, to ensure compliance with all regulations.

Port Operations Coordination

We act as a liaison between the vessel and various port service providers, including stevedores, terminal operators, pilots, tug operators, and other relevant parties. Our team ensures effective communication and coordination to facilitate timely berthing, loading/unloading operations, and departure of the vessel.

Crew and Passenger Services

We provide assistance and support to crew members and passengers during their stay in the port. This includes arranging crew changes, coordinating with immigration authorities for crew disembarkation/embarkation, facilitating provisions and supplies, and arranging crew welfare services.

Bunkering and Supplies

We facilitate the procurement of bunkers, provisions, and other necessary supplies for vessels. Our team ensures efficient sourcing, quality control, and timely delivery of bunkers, fresh water, stores, spare parts, and other essential items required by the vessel.

Cargo Operations Support

: We offer comprehensive support for cargo operations, including coordination with terminal operators, stevedores, and customs authorities to ensure smooth loading and unloading of cargo. We also assist with cargo documentation, customs clearance, and compliance with relevant regulations.

Financial and Administrative Support

: We handle financial transactions related to port calls, including port dues, pilotage fees, and other necessary payments. We also provide administrative support, including the preparation of necessary documents and reports for port authorities and shipowners.

Port Security and Safety Compliance

We assist vessels in complying with port security and safety requirements. This involves coordinating security clearances, ensuring adherence to International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, conducting safety inspections, and providing guidance on port-specific safety protocols.

At Seven Seas Logistics Company, our port agency services are designed to provide comprehensive support to vessels and shipowners, ensuring efficient port operations, compliance with regulations, and a smooth experience during their time in port.