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Ships Agency

Ships Agency

As a dedicated shipping agent, Seven Seas Logistics Co. adheres to the rules and regulations of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Our compliance and professionalism are certified through our active membership in various local, regional, and international organizations.

We offer comprehensive support through our detailed studies, ensuring seamless operations and strategic insights:

Choose Seven Seas Logistics Co. for reliable, certified, and professional shipping agency services in Jordan.

Seven Seas Logistics Co. has a rich history of representing some of the largest chartering vessels in the world. While the company we represented is no longer active globally, our experienced staff remains a valuable asset. With extensive knowledge and expertise in international shipping lines, we are ready to represent new partners with dedication and professionalism. Its unique opportunity for the first to engage with us. This allows for heightened attention and commitment to your needs.

Expert Staff

Our team brings long-standing experience and expertise in international shipping.

Customer Base

We maintain a vast database of customers with significant container and bulk volumes, ready to engage with our services.

Focus and Commitment

Your shipping line will receive our undivided attention and priority.