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Port Agency

. As a port agency, Seven Seas Logistics Company provides comprehensive services to support vessels and shipowners in their port operations. Our port agency services include a wide range of activities to ensure smooth and efficient port calls, seamless logistics, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Key aspects of our port agency services are Vessel Clearances […]

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Seven Seas GSA Services, a distinguished GSA Representation Company, specializes in offering top-notch Sales and Marketing representation services exclusively tailored for our esteemed partner airlines. Our unwavering dedication and boundless enthusiasm drive us to fulfill the promise of revenue growth. With an unwavering commitment to expanding market reach, we relentlessly pursue development and innovation to […]

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SEVEN SEAS LOGISTICS CO Project Logistics is a major service provider in Jordan. Since 2002, we have strived to be the industry leader. Our experienced team and strategic approach made us the preferred choice for clients. We excel in handling large-scale projects, using top-notch equipment and delivering outstanding results. Trust us to handle your mega […]

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Custom Clearance

With our commitment to excellence, 7 Seas Logistic Co. offers a comprehensive range of ocean freight forwarding services. Our strategic positioning in key ports of the region, including Aqaba, Dubai, Kuwait, and Umm-Qaser, enables us to efficiently cater to your diverse ocean freight needs. We understand the intricate demands of the shipping industry and are […]

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At 7 Seas Logistic Co., we offer logistics consultancy services to assist businesses in optimizing their supply chain operations and achieving operational excellence. Our team of experienced logistics consultants brings extensive industry knowledge and expertise to provide tailored solutions to meet your specific logistics challenges. Our logistics consultancy services encompass the following areas: Supply Chain […]