Founded in 2002 as a privately-owned corporate entity specializing in logistics services, our organization obtained official authorization to operate from esteemed regulatory bodies such as the Civil Aviation Authority, Jordanian Maritime Authority, and Ministry of Transport.

In 2005, we experienced a significant growth in our workforce, and the subsequent year marked a pivotal milestone in our global reach with the establishment of our branch in China.

This marked the onset of our international expansion efforts, which continued until 2014, when we successfully inaugurated a new location and subsequently relocated our operations there.

In 2018, we achieved a remarkable milestone in Jordan with the successful completion of our most significant project to date, the “Attarat Power Project.” Building on this success, in 2020, we accomplished the remarkable feat of transporting the largest object ever to be moved within the country’s borders.

Furthermore, in 2022, we undertook the notable “Arab Potash Co.” project, assuming responsibility for transportation and customs clearance. These accomplishments merely represent a sample of the numerous achievements we have attained throughout our history.